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his Course is taught Via Physical classes, as per DGS Orders 11 of 2022. Candidates will need to be present at MMA Kolkata campus and attend Physical classroom Sessions.

As per D.G. Shipping Orders, This Course will be Completed in THREE Mandatory Steps:-

  1. D.G. Shipping E- Learning to be done on D.G. Shipping Website (To be Done Online from Home: Procedure given below)
  2. Offline / Classroom Classes : Taught at MMA Kolkata Campus. candidates will Have to Attend the Physical Classroom Classes (100% attendannce), Ontime for the Entrire duration of the course.
  3. Once the Above TWO Steps are Complete, You are then eligible to Appear for the DGS Exit Exam ONLINE for which you have to pay Rs. 295/- per course per attempt to DGS (this to be paid to the Institute & we will pay to DGS on your behalf, this Exam FEE is NOT included in the Course FEE). You will Get 3 Attempts to Clear the DGS Exit Exam ONLINE, failing which the course at MMA (Step No.2) will have to be done again, by Rebooking.

EXIT EXAM: Exit exam will be conducted at the MMA Exam Hall On Completion immidiately after the completion of the course (same Day), Candidates will Have to appear for the 1st Attempt Exam without fail, if they DO NOT appear, they may Not be allowed to appear Later, as per DGS Rule and Certidfcate will not be issued.

NOTE: Above Step 1 & Step 2 can be done in ANY order. You can Complete Step No. 2 (MMA Classes) even before Completing Step No. 1 (E-Learning), in This Case you would be Permitted to Sit in the DGS Exit Exam (Step No. 3) but the Course Certificate CAN ONLY BE GENERATED AFTER Completing E-learning (Step 1) of this course successfully (All three Steps Complete).

DGS E-Learning: After Booking your Course, Please Visit DGS Website and Click E-Learning & Enter Modular Section. You Have to Complete the E-Learning Course for PSS (E-Learning Course ID: 6511 , Minimum Contact Hours required by DGS: 20 Hrs , Minimum Pass Marks: 60%)

NOTE: An Auto-Generated Email will be sent to you Upon Successful Booking, with other required Information.

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10:00 AM-18:00 PM

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Start From2023-12-18 Ends On 2023-12-22

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Seat Available

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Any candidate holding a COC OR PSF Certificate. INDOS Number is Mandatory 

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5 Day(s)

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MMA Kolkata Campus, 3rd & 4Th Floor,226B Rash Behari Avenue Kolkata - 700019. CANARA BANK BUILDING.

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Xerox Copy of COC

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